Panic: Why I Downgraded Gear

Why I Downgraded Gear To Upgrade My Photography | Light Stalking

The downgrade to a mirrorless, crop factor camera has only been in size, weight.  Everything else has been a total upgrade and in many ways, changed how I approach photography.  More importantly, it’s become fun.  For years I’ve preached to friends and family that the camera doesn’t matter, only the photographs it produces.  I stand by this statement, but from a photographers standpoint, you must enjoy creating the photographs as much as you enjoy looking at them hanging on the wall.

Frizzell: No Competition 

Here’s a good word from Mike — 

There’s no competition in photography | Mike Frizzell

There’s enough room in the world for every amateur photographer. There’s enough room for every single photo you take, and there are countless people out there who would love to see it. Don’t look at other photographers as your competition, especially those who have more followers/likes/retweets than you, the only competition you have is yourself.


I spent a few days with friends in the KC MO area, thus no posting for awhile. We had a great time but the only photos I have are of the Overland Park Arboretum. There might be a couple decent shots among the snapshots. We’ll see.