Davenport: Fighting Through The Doldrums

Fighting Through The Doldrums — Scott Davenport Photography

I hate patches of time like this. I know it’ll pass, and I know it’s on my shoulders to make that happen.

I watch Scott’s videos twice a week as he shares both the shooting side and the processing side of his beautiful landscape — usually seascape — photography. I’ve always thought he was a pretty down-to-earth guy. Now I know it for sure because he can admit to the creative doldrums.

We all have this problem now and then. Like Mama always said, this too shall pass.

Nameless Building

Nameless Building
Nameless Building

Today I had a physical issue that kept me from getting any new shots. Maybe I will talk about that more later.

Anyway, you’ll have to put up with another shot from last Saturday.

Mackinac Lighthouse

I love this little lighthouse. You may have seen it in a movie. I didn’t know about that when I made this photo last summer.

Mackinac Lighthouse
Mackinac Lighthouse

Of course, the lighthouse is not truly on Mackinac Island. It’s on its own little island in the lake near Mackinac. That little island also has a name, but I forget it. 

Art Museum

I think I may try to get out to the local art museum tomorrow. I see it as a sort of street photography opportunity.

We’ll see what happens.

Lose your Mojo?

Do you ever run out of gas on photography? Have a hard time getting inspired to make photos?

Well, take a break.

You are an amateur, not a pro. Your next meal does not depend on your photography.