Nameless Building

Nameless Building
Nameless Building

Today I had a physical issue that kept me from getting any new shots. Maybe I will talk about that more later.

Anyway, you’ll have to put up with another shot from last Saturday.

Mackinac Lighthouse

I love this little lighthouse. You may have seen it in a movie. I didn’t know about that when I made this photo last summer.

Mackinac Lighthouse
Mackinac Lighthouse

Of course, the lighthouse is not truly on Mackinac Island. It’s on its own little island in the lake near Mackinac. That little island also has a name, but I forget it. 

Art Museum

I think I may try to get out to the local art museum tomorrow. I see it as a sort of street photography opportunity.

We’ll see what happens.

Lose your Mojo?

Do you ever run out of gas on photography? Have a hard time getting inspired to make photos?

Well, take a break.

You are an amateur, not a pro. Your next meal does not depend on your photography.

Swamp Birds

This photo launched my one and only commercial photography endeavor. A company approached me out of the blue asking to license the photo. There was no downside to the arrangement, so I licensed it to them.


Swamp  Birds
Swamp Birds


Turns out there was very little upside as well.

My theory is that they made a mistake in titling the garment made from the photo “Starry Night” instead of “Swamp Birds”, as I titled the photo.

Starry Night? Who is gonna buy that?

Well, a few people have, I guess.


I haven’t done much in the way of flash photography. The whole thing is kind of a dark art to me.

The other evening I was playing around with the tiny flash that came with my camera and I realized that it has potential.

The weather is not going to be nice this weekend. I’m thinking about playing with the flash a little more and seeing what I can do with it.

Film at eleven. (Film is a metaphor.)

Kindred Spirit

I am indebted to CJ Chilvers for linking to a photographer I did not know before.

I photograph because it allows me to extend some of my most profound notions and deepest emotional states into the realm of art – not only to passively have an experience, but also to create experiences of my own mind, for myself and for others. Alone with my thoughts in remote places, or seeing the spark of recognition and gratitude in another; contemplating the great mysteries of existence or the great paradoxes of humanity; seeing life and geology unfold in the peace of wild places, or carrying that peace within me as I pass through manufactured and virtual worlds – all things made more comprehensible, more visceral, more powerful, more comforting and more frequent with, and through, the making of art. This is not to say that photography has any claim for exclusivity in such matters, but that in pursuing my passion with dignity, creativity and seriousness, my life as a whole is richer and more rewarding. And if you don’t get that out of your photography, then what is the rest of it for?

That’s what I’m talking about.