The way we see the world is what makes us say, “Hey, look at that!” and pick up the camera to photograph it. How we photograph it depends on what we’re trying to say about that.

David duChemin, The Visual Toolbox

A Couple Posts from the Weekend

I posted a couple of photos to 500px and Flickr while I was on vacation, but I didn’t post them to the blog. I didn’t notice how similar they are until I saw them side by side. Maybe I have an identifiable “style”.



Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Mooresville, Indiana, USA

WWI Memorial

Here are a couple of iPhone photos from the WWI Memorial in Kansas City last Friday. The sky was magnificent that day. You may also notice that American Ninja Warrior was preparing for competition that started that night in front of the train station. While we were eating lunch we met Tyler Brayton, a former NFL defensive end, who was to give it a go on Friday night.

Skyline from WW I Memorial


WW I Memorial Tower
WW I Memorial Tower